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The rise of independent churches, is a fascinating trend in the UK. Many ministers leading these churches are well experienced in ministry and have qualifications in a vast array of secular fields. Some ministers are seeking qualifications to enhance their leadership practice. It is with this in mind that Kingdom School of Theology (KST) was birthed combining ministry with theology and a grounding in the Bible.

Our courses are at postgraduate level starting with the Postgraduate Certificate in Theological Ministry Studies comprising Practical Theology with a focus on Leadership Ministry, Systematic Theology and Communication for Churches. Students will be equipped with the knowledge of different aspects of theology including biblical, as it relates specifically to their ministry. With a kingdom focus and agenda espoused by Jesus Christ, KST is already spreading its tentacles, reflecting its global mission.

KST has affiliation and recognition from Westminster College, Cambridge who are also prepared to offer opportunities for further studies on completion of our courses. As a fairly newly established on-line theological centre it is envisaged that KST will be a major learning space for Pentecostal/Charismatic and Evangelical church leaders, but open to all ministers irrespective of denominational background. We are delighted to announce that we are currently open for applications!

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Author: Carol Tomlin

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